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We’ve got a new publication in Springer VR [1] , exploring the big challenges in supporting passenger mixed reality experiences, from motion sickness, to physical safety, to social acceptability – it’s a really interesting review of the area, and it’s open access, so check it out!

[1] [pdf] [doi] M. McGill, J. Williamson, A. Ng, F. Pollick, and S. Brewster, “Challenges in passenger use of mixed reality headsets in cars and other transportation,” Virtual reality, 2019.
month = {December},
title = {Challenges in passenger use of mixed reality headsets in cars and other transportation},
author = {Mark McGill and Julie Williamson and Alexander Ng and Frank Pollick and Stephen Brewster},
publisher = {Springer},
year = {2019},
note = {This research was funded in part by the EPSRC IAA (303740)
and ESRC IAA (77563/1) joint project ?CarVR: Immersion in the Journey?. This project also received funding from the European Research
Council (ERC) under the European Union?s Horizon 2020 research
and innovation programme (Grant Agreement No. 835197 - ViAjeRo).},
journal = {Virtual Reality},
url = {http://eprints.gla.ac.uk/205513/},
abstract = {This paper examines key challenges in supporting passenger use of augmented and virtual reality headsets in transit. These headsets will allow passengers to break free from the restraints of physical displays placed in constrained environments such as cars, trains and planes. Moreover, they have the potential to allow passengers to make better use of their time by making travel more productive and enjoyable, supporting both privacy and immersion. However, there are significant barriers to headset usage by passengers in transit contexts. These barriers range from impediments that would entirely prevent safe usage and function (e.g. motion sickness) to those that might impair their adoption (e.g. social acceptability). We identify the key challenges that need to be overcome and discuss the necessary resolutions and research required to facilitate adoption and realize the potential advantages of using mixed reality headsets in transit.},
doi = {10.1007/s10055-019-00420-x}

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